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We place injections for pain relief, infections, allergies, high pressure, vitamins and more

Frequent questions

  • Effect acts faster and more specifically, improving the patient's situation or reaction. These treatments are usually better than tablets in most cases.
  • We place intramuscular, deltoid, subcutaneous injections.

Frequent questions

  • Do they give preventive pregnancy injections? If we place progesterone for 3 months duration
  • They hurt a lot ? Despite being a necessary method and perhaps invasive at the same time, we have an experienced nurse, although we always use the size and diameter of the needle according to its proportion or injection site, so pain is reduced to a minimum -normal of an injection

First we prepare with correct sanitation and handling and we use needles for each treatment and for each injection site and also, depending on the prototype of the person, we use it for each medication, size of the individual, physical conjecture or age of the person. eg for children it is a type of needle and another for adults

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