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Prescriptions / Refills

We take care of renewing medications already prescribed by us or other doctors as long as they are within the margin of their expiration date. It is very important to highlight that there are medications that are placed after confirming their value or disease status in tests.

Frequent questions

  • In our general medical consultation the order or prescription by the doctor is included
  • The continuity of the medication is essential in maintaining your health and illness and with its renewal it has benefits not to repeat exams in a period of time

Frequent questions

  • Can you prescribe medications that I have not taken for a long time and I am already diagnosed with diabetes? Yes correct, is always important for the patient to know the dose that was previously ingested, but the test must be carried out to know the appropriate dosage and treatment.
  • After I am prescribed medications, can you be re-indicated? For example, there are medications that can be prescribed as a continuation of a disease diagnosed a long time ago and that the medication works correctly for that disease, but for example, due to infection, antibiotics are not indicated for a long time, only the period necessary to eliminate the infection. recurrent infection, and then it is not necessary, another example cholesterol medications.

It does not require much time although it depends on the interview between doctor and patient

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